Food is for the weak.

Today I’ve been working pretty much all day.

Since when I came back home from a class, I just threw myself inside the screen.

Result? It’s 0:01 AM and I haven’t had dinner yet.


Good news is, I’m finishing a track of my album, I added vocals on another one AND I posted a short video on Instagram and Facebook. Oh, also I wrote a post about my site and I got a very good response, so maybe this blog will be more and more crowded in the next days; so, if you’re just arrived here, hi! I hope everything’s fine.

Check out the video:


Since Instagram upload has failed, let me put this video here for you guys.Practicing with my gurl Rihanna how's going say hi to the cameras

Publicado por StereoCool en Miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2017

…but in reality I fucking love to eat.

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